Jason H. Rosenblum

My decision was based on know, like, and trust -  I met Kevin, liked him, he was knowledgeable, helped me out with an issue before we even signed the paper work and illustrated his expertise to me.  It is not cheap but having piece of mind that my computers are running and allowing me to conduct my business is worth the investment. If you are comparing one company to another - what does one vs the other include, does the competitor meet your goal? Do they actually save you money and time?  Do they actually do what they say they are going to do? Are they responsive?

Based on conversations with Kevin he seemed to know IT, he displayed by fixing an issue before we even signed on.  Since switching to Rocketwise, our computers have been running much smoother and a few of the minor issues that we dealt with for months have been resolved.  The few times I have called in an issue the response was immediate.

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