Donna McCrea

I am glad to share my opinion of Rocketwise’s products and services. It is always a pleasure to recognize a deserving company.

I have been more than satisfied with all assistance provided.   As you may recall I was given my Mac as a gift.  I use my laptop as my primary business computer and desperately needed a new one. So, I wanted to convert right away.  I was not familiar with MAC and discovered quickly that it was difficult to get quick "How To" information.  I got so frustrated during the first months that I almost traded in my Mac at a great value loss for one that I was more familiar.  If It had not been for you and your staff, I probably would have and that would have been a terrible mistake.

Here are the reasons I like doing business with your Company
1. You are very accessible.  If I cannot reach some one when I call, your staff calls me back usually within 15 minutes and always within the hour.
2. You listen.  Even though I am not able to describe the issue in "computer lingo", you and your staff give me the time I need to describe the issue without making me feel rushed or "stupid"
3. You ask questions.  You and your staff are very good at asking questions to target the real issue.
4. You educate while solving problem.  This is a real plus for me.  You and your staff explain what caused the issue, steps to prevent it, along with instructions as to how I can fix it (if possible) if it happens again.  Therefore, you save me money by explaining how I can handle issue in the future.  Also, you use any 'wait time' to answer questions and offer instructions about other topics.
5. You answer my questions.  You and your staff always take the time to make sure I understand the answers.
6. Most importantly, you seem to care about the support you give my business.
According to my experience, your prices seem in line with all others I have used or was quoted.  I measure value for my money, and sometimes the cheapest is not always the best value.  For example, another company may be cheaper per hour but take longer to create solutions or never explain how I can solve problem myself, then in the end I pay more money for their service.

That being said, I am quite satisfied with the value of service that I receive from your Company.  Also, knowing that all my business data is backed up independently is very reassuring; which is priceless.

I don't know what price you put on 'piece of mind', but that is what your Company gives me.  Therefore, I have more time to concentrate on conducting my own business.

Thank you for all you do for me and my business.

McCrea Marketing