Chief Monty Tedder

We have only been in service for 21 years. We have only been using computers for the last 16 years. For most of those years we have had Rocketwise’ assistance with our computer issues. Five years ago our server, which was housed in our department, crashed. We had to make the difficult decision - were we going to buy a new server or have Rocketwise host a server for us. The start up fee for server hosting and the fee for a new server was going to cost a similar amount of money. Our decision was going to be based on whether or not we wanted to pay a monthly hosting fee. Initially, it was a very difficult decision because we have never had to pay a monthly fee for our server access. We decided to go ahead and use this service on the sure fact that our server would crash again and we would be having to deal with this same problem again down the road. In this day and time you definitely get what you pay for - but more importantly you want to be able to trust the individual that is completing the work. We have been very pleased with the hosting Rocketwise provides to our department. Most importantly, we no longer have to make sure we complete backups on our own. We like the fact that if we have trouble - we are a quick phone call away from working again. Thank you for the service you provide our department. We look forward to a long relationship.

Fire Chief
Hannah Salem Friendfield Fire District