Managed IT Services

Extinguish IT fires for good

When your Information Technology (IT) equipment, providers, and programs break, fail, or crash on you, it causes what we call an IT fire. Remember Smokey the Bear? He taught generations of American children that “Only YOU can prevent forest fires.” Smokey was right. It’s better, safer, and more cost-effective to prevent fires than to keep putting them out. That’s true whether we’re talking about forest fires, house fires, or IT fires.

Preventing those fires on ensure that you will be able to access data when you need it and distribute information to people in real time. By preventing IT fires, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your systems will work reliably when you need them. While most emergency services organizations are used to responding to IT fires, we take the proactive approach instead.

“Through our proven managed IT services program, we modernize, simplify, and re-organize your processes through the use of appropriate and efficient technologies.”

Some of the benefits of rocketwise’s Managed IT service include:

  • Proactive solutions – improved performance and near-zero downtime with proactive, preventative support
  • Predictable costs – a fixed, affordable monthly fee for all of your IT
  • Compliance and security – with professionally managed IT services, your valuable data stays encrypted and secure, and your company stays in full legal compliance
  • Focus – stay focused on business and productivity, not on putting out IT fires

Timely and professional

“When outsourcing your IT support, it is critical that you have someone who is responsive and communicates effectively. Kevin and the rocketwise team have been great at this. They respond to our needs in a timely and professional manner.”

Belinda Pratt
Head of International Operations
XRCEL New World Consumer Products