How to avoid potential VoIP pitfalls

When it comes to saving money for small businesses, VoIP is one IT tool that is all the rage. For many organizations, it can cut phone expenses in half. So obviously the benefit of a VoIP system can be enormous. But is there a catch? With some VoIP providers, there certainly is. So when you’re […]

The difference between FXS and FXO

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective telecommunication environment for businesses. If you’re looking to deploy a VoIP telephony system for your company, you’ll probably come across the acronyms FXS and FXO from time to time. But what exactly do these phrases mean? Here, we’ll explain the difference […]

VoIP Features That Benefit Small-Medium Businesses: Providing The Feel Of A Big Business

VoIP features that benefit small businesses are often the ones that don’t get promoted enough, particularly because they can make a small business look very corporate. If you’re considering a VoIP system in your business, you’re going to have tools that will save you money not only in the short term, but also the long term.

3 Ways Businesses Can Save Money With VoIP

VoIP is the wave of the future and businesses of all sizes should consider it if they want to remain ahead of the curve. It’s a great way to communicate and an effective way to get work done. Of all the benefits VoIP has to offer there are three that give companies the most benefit (and the reason why VoIP is a must-have). Here are 3 ways businesses can save money with VoIP...


The title alone doesn’t sound money saving, but the ways it can adapt to your business needs will be money saving.