Security Alert – Heartbleed Bug

As you may or may not have heard, a new security vulnerability, called Heartbleed, has been discovered that affects a substantial amount of the internet’s websites, but also private corporate systems and networks.

This note is intended to provide a high-level summary of the risk and what the impact may be to you or your company’s systems.

Important Alert: Ransomware

Dear Clients:

The security team at Fully Involved Solutions is sending all clients this very important message.  A very aggressive virus called “CRYPTOLOCKER” is a Trojan/ Ransom-ware virus that encrypts (Scrambles) your personal files on your computer and any mapped network drives, this includes attached backup devices.

VoIP Features That Benefit Small-Medium Businesses: Providing The Feel Of A Big Business

VoIP features that benefit small businesses are often the ones that don’t get promoted enough, particularly because they can make a small business look very corporate. If you’re considering a VoIP system in your business, you’re going to have tools that will save you money not only in the short term, but also the long term.

3 Ways Businesses Can Save Money With VoIP

VoIP is the wave of the future and businesses of all sizes should consider it if they want to remain ahead of the curve. It’s a great way to communicate and an effective way to get work done. Of all the benefits VoIP has to offer there are three that give companies the most benefit (and the reason why VoIP is a must-have). Here are 3 ways businesses can save money with VoIP...


The title alone doesn’t sound money saving, but the ways it can adapt to your business needs will be money saving.

Data Center Update: Tropical Storm Warning

The National Weather Service has issued a tropical storm warning for the coast of South Carolina. Currently, tropical storm Andrea is estimated to have the potential for gusting winds and flash flooding.

In order to prepare for the potential inclement weather, our data center staff have inspected and fully fueled our emergency generators.

Tell Us Your Story

Today’s market place relies heavily upon the Internet. This is especially true of service based businesses and organizations. At no other time have consumers been so easily able to share their experiences with their peers about companies they deal with.